Vifortech Solutions builds innovative mathematical models to empower decision making. We can also assist with model risk lifecycles and validation of your models.

We deliver robust analytics for the financial and real estate sectors, enhancing the investment decision process by providing insight around asset value, forecasts and risks.

Our RegTech suite of privacy tools provides cryptographically secure identification of sanctioned entitites, protection against supply chain attacks and enables data isolation in M&A and joint venture activities.

We support our partners to provide bespoke model development, analysis and consulting and advice to leverage the experience of our founders.

Vifortech Solutions was founded in Sydney, Australia, but we work globally.

Meet the founders


Are you excited about AI/ML, data science or real estate?
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Dr. Stewart V Wright

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Stewart is one of the few global experts in technical and automated property valuations and forecasting.

Prior to starting Vifortech Solutions he was General Manager, Analytics for CoreLogic International and Head of Analytics for Hometrack in Australasia. At Westpac, Stewart modelled 40 year forecasts of financial instruments, designed systematic trading systems and reviewed and validated risk models.

Professionally a theoretical nuclear physicist, Stewart worked at both Argonne National Laboratory (USA) and Liverpool University (UK) and obtained his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Adelaide. You can see his publications at OrcID.

Since 2011, he has been the President of The Institute of Quantitative Research in Finance Inc.

Sue Wright


Sue has a thorough understanding of the multifaceted aspects of real estate investment from a corporate perspective, having worked for major Australian property funds and commercial property firms for many years.

As a former shopping centre manager, she knows what it takes to make real estate investments profitable and successful.

Sue is a qualified property valuer and real estate agent, with over fifteen years experience in the commercial property sector.